January 11, 2009

Sled Cam

Everybody loves sledding! Riding down that perfect hill when the snow is just the right mix of powder and ice! That perfect sled jump that your friend missed because someone threw a snowball in his face. Well you can relive these moments over and over with Sled Cam! I have mounted a waterproof SD video camera to the front of a regular plastic sled. Watch as the good times roll, or should I say slide!

January 10, 2009

Wireless Blimp Camera

I love remote controlled toys. This remote controlled helium filled Zeppelin has been outfitted with a wireless video camera. Now you can spy on that upstairs neighbor who is always banging on your ceiling.

New Battleship

My newest game concept! New Battleship (working title). My drawing is not very good, but you can get the idea. Think of it as Battleship meets Cannons. You have a real water playing board with tiny boats floating around in the water. Each player has a catapult with marbles and basically its ready, aim, fire! The object is to shoot your marbles over the net and capsize your opponents boats! The first one to sink all the other players boats wins! Good times for all until someone loses an eye!

November 19, 2007

Scooter Luggage Concept

Can you imagine a society where people are zipping around in flying cars? Of course not, but what can be a reality is people zipping around the airport on luggage scooters!

The basic premise for this invention is that when you are traveling you often have to get places while dragging your luggage behind you. Adding wheels to travelers' baggage has revolutionized the luggage industry, I have taken that concept one step further.

Scooter luggage is a hard suitcase with a sturdy lightweight frame in which a scooter can fold out. By simply folding the platform of the scooter down from its indented encasement, you can snap it into place thus creating scooter luggage. I have redesigned the average carrying handle to lock into place and have slide out hand grips. When the scooter is not in use, the suitcase folds into a traditional bag.

Fingerprint Vector Wall Art

The idea behind Fingerprint Vector Wall art is that people would use a fingerprint scanner to scan there fingerprints into a computer, then I would take them and put them into Illustrator and turn them into vector tracings that could be enlarged. The prints could be as large as you want. Printed and framed everyone could have there own unique piece of art.

JustinTV Bus with Trailer

Introducing the JustinTV Bus with Trailer. How many of us have dreamed about sitting in the drivers seat of our favorite RC car, then being able to share that experience with all your friends? Well now it's a reality! This webcam-mounted R/C Volkswagen bus streams video live via a hidden Sony Vaio laptop with Sprint EV-DO card. Unfortunately the camera is fixed facing forward, so don't get any ideas!

Laser Maze

The Laser Maze is an original game i came up with from my fascination with lasers and mirrors. You begin playing by choosing a card. The cards say things like "Navigate the laser to number 5 using four mirrors." you then take out four mirrors and place them in the groves on the board. The groves at at 90 degree angles and direct the laser in different directions depending on where you place them. If you place the mirrors in order correctly, then when you turn on the laser it should bounce off the mirrors and shine on the correct endpoint.

November 18, 2007

Hallway Bench

The Hallway Bench is an original furniture piece that i designed based on inspiration from Mondrian's paintings. The structure is constructed from square metal bars. The colored planes are made of wood wrapped in colored leather. This piece is meant to be placed in a hallway or foyer. When someone would enter the house then would place there keys and wallet on the raised blue table section. Then sit on the red bench and remove their shoes and place them on the gray shoe rack.

Lego iPhone

This lego iPhone was inspired by my love for lego and apple products. I have always loved building things out of legos and after recently purchasing an iPhone i decided to combine two of my favorite products.

Levitation Bench

My inspiration for the Levitation Bench came from looking at other types of cushioning in benches and chairs; I discovered that most furniture uses either springs or foam as a cushion inside a fabric wrapped enclosure. I now have created a way of using the opposite push two magnets create when placed paralleled to each other to create this same result. The clear plexiglass top is embedded with magnets and the steal frame below is as well. When positioned on the guide bars the plexiglass floats a few inches above the steal structure.

Fish Tank Bar

The Fish Tank Bar is made entirely of Cherry Hardwood and Glass. The tank is only six inches deep all the way around but has a height of four feet. There is a valve in the back for draining the water and it can hold up to 200 gallons. There are lights under the removable table lid that gives the tank a beautiful glow. The cherry wood shelves can hold over 50 different verities of liquor for guests to enjoy as they watch the fish swim seemingly between them.

The Wind-Up Toothbrush

This idea came about by thinking how could I eliminate waste and toxic material from an electric toothbrush. First i has to remove the battery and electric motor. This letf me with only one logical solution, a wind-up mechanism. The base of the brush has a twist to wind knob. and mechanical motor lies in the handle, and the brush head is easily detachable for replacement as necessary.

November 17, 2007


I started building this tree house with my friend Zac back in the summer of 2000. We constructed each level differently and used only found materials. All the wood was scavenged from scrap. The lower level is made from small saplings bound together with rope. Plywood sheets were placed on top. This made for a very sturdy base level to build from. For the second level we had to take into account that the trees would sway with the wind at that height. So we developed a system that allowed the trees to move with the wind, without tearing the support beams apart. We did this by routing out a grove in the beams with equal space on either side of the nail. This allows about an inch of give on either side. I believe this engineering technique combined with the triangular shape is why the tree house still stands strong to this day. The top level was built as a roof, but using planks as extra support it is strong enough to stand on.

Redneck Bottle Bar

This is a bar that i built for a friend. He had collected quite a number of different varieties of liquor bottles over time, and we wanted to incorporate them into a bar.
The bar itself is made of chip plywood. I then attached all the bottles with zip ties. The final piece was nothing short of impressive.

November 14, 2007

Treehouse Model Wreath

This model was constructed as part of a school project to create a wreath that incorporated man and nature.