November 18, 2007

The Wind-Up Toothbrush

This idea came about by thinking how could I eliminate waste and toxic material from an electric toothbrush. First i has to remove the battery and electric motor. This letf me with only one logical solution, a wind-up mechanism. The base of the brush has a twist to wind knob. and mechanical motor lies in the handle, and the brush head is easily detachable for replacement as necessary.


Anonymous said...

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Nick!

Your invention sounds interesting. I think this is a good way of recycling electric energy. An electric toothbrush is very useful to make brushing easier. Aside from brushing, flossing and gargling a mouthwash are helpful for killing the germs in mouth. To be able to monitor my oral health, I never miss any appointment with my dentist in Libertyville. Dental check ups here are very vital among families.

Chris Barrow said...


Saw a US patent in 2007, for a wind up toothbrush, did yours ever get made?

Anonymous said...

I like the wind toothbrush idea .when is going to be on the market?