November 17, 2007


I started building this tree house with my friend Zac back in the summer of 2000. We constructed each level differently and used only found materials. All the wood was scavenged from scrap. The lower level is made from small saplings bound together with rope. Plywood sheets were placed on top. This made for a very sturdy base level to build from. For the second level we had to take into account that the trees would sway with the wind at that height. So we developed a system that allowed the trees to move with the wind, without tearing the support beams apart. We did this by routing out a grove in the beams with equal space on either side of the nail. This allows about an inch of give on either side. I believe this engineering technique combined with the triangular shape is why the tree house still stands strong to this day. The top level was built as a roof, but using planks as extra support it is strong enough to stand on.


ugh3n said...

Great tree house -
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kazasho said...

beautiful. stumble upon when searching ideas for my nature observatory structure.

Lon said...

Nick, I'd like to use this photo in a book I'm writing about treehouses that will be published in 2010. I need your photo release and some info about it.

If you're in agreement email me at

Lon Levin

Anonymous said...

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